Freestyle Graphics has it’s own in house embroidery department. In a time where most places send it out to be done, we do it ourselves.

Using Tajima embroidery machines, Freestyle has 10 heads with 15 colors each at our disposal. We can handle smaller 5-12 piece orders as well as several hundred and thousand piece orders.

Artwork, digitizing and production are all found in house.

Want to know how it works? Check out our process below.

Where it Begins

Every order at Freestyle starts with you! We start by taking down information on what your design idea is or by receiving your company logo.

We then help you decide what type of apparel will fill the need you’re looking for. Our sales reps can help you pick anything from brand, style, and even what color may work best with your design.

Ordering Your Product

Your merchandise is ordered within 48 hours of receiving your final sizes and product choice. Most merchandise will arrive in house in 3-4 business days..

The Digitizing

From here your order is placed in the embroidery department, where your design or logo is digitized especially for use with one of our embroidery machines.

Your logo will be sewn out on a fabric, and color similar to what you’ve orderd. You will be emailed a copy of the sewout, or asked to come in to take a look at it for approval.

If you supplied us with a pre-digitized logo at the time you place your order, you will receive a proof to verify, in the same manner as a custom design and will be to verify color and placement information.

Sewing The Product

Once the artwork is approved, your logo/design is sent to production where it placed on a disk that the embroidery machine reads. Your order is then placed on the production schedule to meet the time frame that was agreed upon when you placed your order.

One of our quality control specialists will take your merchandise and confirm that all of it arrived with the correct amounts and sizes. If any issues arise, they will be corrected before sewing. It is then laid out and placed with the disk to be completed on time.


Once sewn, your order is counted and checked again for any discrepancies or flaws, and then boxed and paperwork is processed.

From here a bill is made, and a call is placed to inform you that your order is ready.